Monday, July 14, 2008


This evening I am sitting in my stitching nest working on Mirabilia November Topaz Fairie.  Living in the middle of nowhere high on a hill, I have one neighbour and  a lot of cattle and sheep in the fields.  It's peaceful and quiet but never lonely.

After dinner I sat down with a cup of tea and went for a chat on A Crafty Natter - got in a practice whipping and had a chat with a Frog and the Norwegian person.

Then the phone rings and it's my bestest stitchy friend Colly asking a question about summer colours for another one of her stunning hardanger designs - I think of the colours of bluebells, pansies and honeysuckle.

I pick up the needle again and the phone rings again - my friend Mel who lives in the next village has a harvest to share do we want some.  She popped round 10 minutes later with courgettes, radishes and redcurrants.

A quick pop onto Ravelry for a look at the At Home in Harrogate group to see what my knitting friends are up to.

Time for another cup of tea and a chat with the I said never lonely. 


Aussie Stitcher said...

Sounds wonderful!!!

Your Topaz Fairy looks stunning.

Anonymous said...

in the words of a famous song,
"what a wonderful world"
I'm so glad I share part of it with you.
Hugs Colly