Tuesday, July 22, 2008


It always amazes me when I realise all over the globe there are individual cratfspeople making unique handcrafted things.

.......the embroiderers are stitching heirlooms
.......the knitters are creating with sticks and string
.......the lace makers are weaving intricate webs of thread
.......the photographers are capturing memories
.......the woodworkers are sculpting with nature
.......the painters are inspired by colour

The beauty of these things created is often a joy to behold and demand for them can be huge.

Almost three years ago while hanging out on the Internet I discovered the Moosie Spindle. Made by Jonathan Bosworth out of the antlers of Moose there is a waiting list as only a few are made each year. This summer has been exciting because it was the turn of the herd my Moosie belonged to.

When you order from the Journeys Wheel you don't just click buy and pay your money. The whole experience is almost magical. Sheila has a most wonderful way with words and a fantastic imagination - every email I received was a treasure. Choosing my spindle from those created this year and requesting the custom made shaft was simple and fun. Waiting for my Moosie to cross the pond was exciting................................

It spins like a dream - balanced and steady it goes forever. I've never met a Moose but I think they are solid, stable creatures who get on with life in a steadfast way - that's exactly what this spindle feels like to spin with.

I love the way it's got marks on it from adventures past - to me this looks like teeth marks - some small animal nibbling on the antlers................

It came with a wee bit of pink sparky roving to keep it happy on the journey - I think I need more to keep it happy on our forthcoming holiday.

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