Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Well I knew that June would be chaotic – I was supposed to be away for three weekends (tutorial, conference and a cancelled camping trip) and the fourth weekend I had plans on the Saturday.  In addition I did a second job in the evenings for a couple of weeks.

Phew – it’s taken me a couple of weeks to recover, get the house back in some sort of order and enjoy some me time.  It was very kind of people to check I was OK and yes I’m fine.

I’ve been making progress on the Lady Eleanor Shawl which has become my take everywhere project and is a pleasure to work on.

I know there are some of you out there that may find the next section unpalatable – I make no apologies.  I am proud and will not be ashamed.  As well as being a knitter I do embroidery.  Those of you who have been hanging around here for a while will know that originally that was the main focus of my attention and it is only more recently that knitting has taken over.  Those of a nervous disposition who just ‘don’t get it’ may look away now – for the rest of you………………….

Last year my friend Colly bought me the beautiful November Topaz Fairie.  I have never done a Mirabilia design before but she is a beauty and November is my birthday month so it was a wonderful gift.

Two weeks ago just as life was getting back to normal I decided to make a start – this is my progress to date……………………

She is a delight to stitch – the use of shading is subtle but adds a wonderful dimension.  The colours are beautiful, charming and simply gorgeous.  It’s been a long time since I’ve done a piece of cross stitch with no speciality stitches (about 5 years I think) and I’m really enjoying it. 

There are a lot, and I mean a lot (almost £50 worth) of beads on this piece.  I’ve got them on special order from the Stitchers Garden in Harrogate.  The ones that have arrived are beautiful colours so I know they will really add beauty to the piece.

Unfortunately I have a slight injury at the moment and my right hand looks like this….

It will be fine in a couple of weeks, I’ve got tendonitis from bad computer mouse posture!!!!  I’ve found that I can’t knit but can stitch – I stitch using both hands with the frame on a stand so there is very little my right hand (which is at the back of the piece) needs to do.  Maybe I could embroider the splint and make it look prettier!!!!

Coming soon………………………………….the BAP that is the Embroidered Village Bag Project.


Kelly H. said...

I'm impressed! Hope the wrist is better soon!

Anonymous said...

How lovely to have your blog to read again, I missed you in June.
Love that knitted piece, what fab colours. I'm happy you are enjoying your stitching again and Topaz is looking great. Hope you wrist recovers soon my friend and see you in a couple of weeks.
Hugs Colly