Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Reflections on Motherhood

This morning I read my friend Kelly's blog and all day I’ve been thinking about Motherhood and what it means to me.

I remember the day I became a Mother – my son was 3 years old. I walked down the garden path after a stressful day at work pursing my career and as I did so a thick fog lifted and I walked into the house as a Mother.

I don’t know what caused the shift or why it took 3 years after my son was born. I do know that for some people it happens shortly after their baby is born, for some many years later and for some not at all – even when their own children are parents they still don’t embrace the role of Mother. I don’t even think you have to have children to be a good Mother. I have friends who don’t have children who have the same attributes as many Mothers I know.

I also know that we all do it differently and it is so easy to judge each other, criticise and be unsupportive.

As a Mother I………..

Feed and water
Clothe and bathe
Kiss and cuddle
Worry and fret
Laugh and cry
Shout and scream
Set rules and boundaries
Choose my battles
Always love even when I don’t always like
Am vulnerable and anxious
Provide shelter and warmth

So Kelly you’re a great Mother – we all are – and if I ever doubt it I just have to take a look at the results of my mothering……….

Monday, August 25, 2008

A six inch hoop

During week one of my holiday I stitched a small project. It was a rainy afternoon and it was wonderful to sit in the tent listening to the rain.

When I'm at home I stitch using a Lowery Stand and a wooden frame.

I have a tendency to stitch large projects so this combination works for me. However for some reason Dalesman said I couldn't take the stand/frame combination and was 'allowed' one bag!!!!!

Bestest stitchy friend Colly who does some beautiful work only ever uses a six inch hoop as does Athalie and some other good needlewomen I know!!!!! I have always resisted this option as I wasn't sure that I would be able to do it.

There I was sat in the tent with a six inch hoop and a little piece of stitching. I threaded the needle, adjusted the head torch and consulted the chart.

Three hours later the piece was finished, it had stopped raining and I had had a lovely afternoon. I normally stitch using both hands so it felt strange to be holding the hoop with the left hand and only use the right hand for stitching. My tension was different but consistent so that was OK.

I can't really imagine using a six inch hoop for everything but I will definitely add it to the stitching bag.

I'm going to be working on Pretty in Pink...........

.........for the next 10 years and when I next pick it up I'm going to try the hoop instead of the sit on frame that I have been using when working on it. The good news for me is that if this works I can stitch in bed!!!!!

Maybe I should listen to my friends more often.............

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Back to a real bed
Back to four walls that don't move in the wind
Back to electricity
Back to indoor plumbing
Back to Stuff

Week one of this year's holiday was spent in a tent at the very north of Scotland. We were a 2 minute (if that) walk from the beach. The weather was kind - beautifully sunny most days.

Normally I over plan our family trips knowing exactly what, where, when and how and I fret if we don't run to (my) schedule. This year I tried something new - no planning.

We left home at 5pm on a Friday evening for a 500 mile journey. We had no bed booked for the night - we had no campsite booked for the week. Actually that's not as foolhardy as it sounds. The campsite at which we wanted to stay doesn't take bookings and is really a caravan site with four tent pitches. So I crossed my fingers and toes that it would be OK.

The journey was long and by about 11pm we were tired, cramped, hungry and really wanted a bed. However, there was no room at the Travel Inn, Premier Lodge or Thistle Hotel (Perth Highland Games).

We pressed on to Inverness and ended up spending a couple of hours trying to sleep in the car park of a full hotel. Able to sleep no longer Dalesman drove onward and upward. There isn't much after Inverness - but it was very early in the morning and the roads were empty. Sleeping in the car for another couple of hours left us grumpy and achey. It was worth it when we arrived at the campsite of choice and got a pitch!!!!!!!

Armed with Rough Guide to Scotland, Cool Camping - Scotland and the relevant OS map we had some great adventures.

There were fantastic forest walks, a sand sculpture competition, surfing, a tea shop where I got to talk about spinning and washing fleece and sign the visitors book with a Get Knitted pen (theirs not mine). We walked to the most northerly point of mainland Britain (not John O'Groats) Dunnet Head.

The weather was gloriously sunny and we had some amazing bedtime walks along the beach.....

The one day it rained I sat in the tent all cosy listening to the rain and stitching on a small project I'd taken with me - it was actually perfect. Even though we were in the middle of nowhere I managed to find a wonderful needlework/quilting/knitting shop just 10 minutes from the campsite - what could be more perfect!!!!

I managed to do a wee bit of knitting each day also - see the bag a Namaste Laguana the perfect vacation project bag - especially when Dalesman said I could only take ONE bag with me!!!

So that was week one - for week two we drove 3 hours south to the Findhorn Foundation..........but that's another blog entry.