Monday, August 25, 2008

A six inch hoop

During week one of my holiday I stitched a small project. It was a rainy afternoon and it was wonderful to sit in the tent listening to the rain.

When I'm at home I stitch using a Lowery Stand and a wooden frame.

I have a tendency to stitch large projects so this combination works for me. However for some reason Dalesman said I couldn't take the stand/frame combination and was 'allowed' one bag!!!!!

Bestest stitchy friend Colly who does some beautiful work only ever uses a six inch hoop as does Athalie and some other good needlewomen I know!!!!! I have always resisted this option as I wasn't sure that I would be able to do it.

There I was sat in the tent with a six inch hoop and a little piece of stitching. I threaded the needle, adjusted the head torch and consulted the chart.

Three hours later the piece was finished, it had stopped raining and I had had a lovely afternoon. I normally stitch using both hands so it felt strange to be holding the hoop with the left hand and only use the right hand for stitching. My tension was different but consistent so that was OK.

I can't really imagine using a six inch hoop for everything but I will definitely add it to the stitching bag.

I'm going to be working on Pretty in Pink...........

.........for the next 10 years and when I next pick it up I'm going to try the hoop instead of the sit on frame that I have been using when working on it. The good news for me is that if this works I can stitch in bed!!!!!

Maybe I should listen to my friends more often.............


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that you managed with the hoop Samantha, it means you can take your smaller projects wherever you go, but look after that hand of yours and dont overdo it.
Hugs Colly

Stitchingranny said...

That good friend you mentioned (see comment above lol) pointed me in your direction Samantha, I hope you don't mind.

First i just adore the hardanger cloth - oh be still my beating heart.

Next like you I like the lapstand and both hands. I do small things on a small hoop but I get cramp in my hand very quickly and find it frustrating to only be using one hand for stitching. Also though I see Colly stitching with her small hoop I have not seen her do a big project on it - must ask her about that. Having said all that when I go off on my hols next week my lapstand will be in my luggage and a small hoop will have to suffice for the duration of the journey.

A Crafty Natter said...

what a stunning piece! where did you get it from Samantha please?

Hayley xx