Sunday, September 21, 2008


Yesterday was a beautiful September day - the sun shone and there was a gentle breeze - glorious.

We abandoned the Dale and drove to the coast for the afternoon. We expected it to be really busy - it wasn't. There were a few families enjoying the weather - children playing in the waves, dads trying to sleep and mothers sat watching.

I stood for ages looking at these beautiful beach huts -

Apparently there are 48 and they are so cute. Some people had personalised the inside with lovely curtains, shelves and crockery. We were walking past at supper time and there were bbqs, sleeping babies, grandmothers reading and wet towels drying. I would love one of these. There are three tiers and the ones at the top had more grass outside and caught the evening sun - fantastic.

We carried on walking around the bay - Dalesboy wanted to go off exploring the rock pools so he went one way and Dalesman and I walked along the front chatting and keeping a parental eye on the explorer.

Slowly we meandered around the front and then decided to head back and get an ice cream. As we reached the point where we had left the beach I realised the tide had come in so much that the rock pools were now cut off. Rethinking my hatred of mobile phones I quickly phoned Dalesboy and suggested that he make his way back - NOW.

I couldn't see him from where I was but decided to stay calm - he's a resourceful chap and I was sure he would be fine. Dalesman walked back along the front to keep an eye on him. I sat down on the steps to the now submerged beach and took out the knitting. I find it impossible to panic when I'm turning the heel on a sock.

I really wish I'd remembered to take my camera as eventually walking around the corner of the sea wall along a narrow ledge came a pretty teenage girl followed by Dalesboy - safe and sound. Apparently they had been the only two people on the rock pools and Dalesboy had 'helped' her to safety.

Dalesboy wants to go beach combing next weekend - I can't think why?

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Anonymous said...

Arent those beach huts just amazing, what fabulous colours. So happy you had a lovely day.
So dod you go beach combing this weekend lol
hugs Colly