Sunday, September 21, 2008

T'was a perfect day

At 8.30 this morning I waved the boys off to a football match - father/son bonding so I stay at home.

Leek and Potato soup was bubbling on the stove and water, yeast and honey was performing some kind of alchemy in the pot and a load of laundry was drying on the line.

I went up to my study - which I had spent over four hours tidying last weekend - it looks good!!! I wrote a blog post about beachcombing, checked my emails and hung out on Ravelry for a wee while.

Returning to the kitchen I turned the now frothy yeast potion into dough for Foccacia bread. I must say a great big thank you to Green Twins Mummy and her fantastic blog - In Search of a Simple Life. She writes a fantastic blog - go read it - she recently recommended a receipe book - Apples for Jam - so far everything I've cooked from it has been amazing, loved by the whole family and real adventure with good family meals.

Whilst the bread was proving for an hour and a half I went and wrote an essay - well actually I fine tuned an essay - sorted out the references and added a few poignent paragraphs. Phew it's ready to send off for marking - it's only taken almost two years!!!

A pot of Tangerine Sage tea and a good book joined me in the garden - where I had a bolt of inspiration for a presentation I have to do - YAY.

Then this happened...............

......for some reason the inner door of my oven decided to explode. Dalesman cleaned it out and it cooked the bread perfectly. Lunch was yummy.

A lovely couple of hours sat on the sofa watching fantasy drama on the TV whilst knitting on Lady Eleanor - I'm really please with how she's looking. I've set myself a target - two tiers a day and I should finish it in a fortnight - just in time for the cooler weather.

It's been a lovely September day and we decided to build a fire this evening to burn some wood offcuts (did you know Dalesman is a Carpenter).

We sat around the fire singing songs and chatting. Some times perfection takes a little work but it was so worth it.

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Anonymous said...

OMG Samantha I bet the cooker door made a loud noise, I wonder what caused that?
I can just imagine your little family sitting round the fire I bet it was wonderful.
Love your knitting its so colourful