Saturday, November 01, 2008

Saturday Kitchen 10am

I love Saturday mornings. Today I was up at 6am and spent a quiet couple of hours drinking tea, knitting and catching up on my favourite blogs and podcasts.

Then it's into the kitchen. 'Throw it all in' soup for lunch on the go and a quick shake of the sloe gin.

Normally I'd get the bread for lunch on the go but I broke the oven yesterday. After baking hob nobs, a loaf of bread and slow roasting elderberries in cider vinegar for 5 hours it 'exploded'. Good job there's some bread left from yesterday.

The elderberries are turning into Pontack Sauce in the preserving pan on the hob.

There's laundry in the machine and in a minute I'm going to do a big pot of chilie for supper tonight - only I would have guests for supper the day after the oven blows up!!!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You havent had much luck with that cooker have you, hope you get it fixed ok.
BTW love the new tiles
hugs Colly