Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Dales Christmas

We are well fed - turkey with all the trimmings
We are well watered - a very, very nice bottle of red wine from our landlord
We are well rested - all is calm and peaceful here in the Dale

I'm just going to pick up the knitting and sit with a glass of Bailey's and watch the Christmas special of Dr Who.

I had one of those moments today - I went to the garden to get some greenery for the table. I decided to walk all around the garden and actually look at what is growing ..........why I haven't done this before I do not know. We've only lived here for 4 years. I found four holly bushes, lots of ivy, plenty of unidentifiable shrubs and trees and there at the bottom of the garden what I think will be a good supply of elderberries next autumn. For the past couple of years I've harvested elderberries from work but as I'm moving on in January I needed to find a new supply and it would appear that it is under my nose!!!! Just need to find a good supply of sloes and I'm sorted.

Festive greetings to one and all


nita x said...

what a wonderfull find in your own garden too :o)

Greentwinsmummy said...

Sounds a blissfull Christmas :o) If you havent made it before I highly recommend pontack sauce from elderberries, the recipe is in the river cottage preserves book,its the most undescribably divine liquid that you add a dash to stews & gravies,casseroles etc,I now will never be without it! they recommend saving at least one bottle for seven years gulp! I made 3 & have used one so there will be one left by the time caserole season lol eneds so I will try & save mine!
Next year I am going to make gallons!
GTM x x

Colette said...

You should have asked me Samantha, I know your garden quite well after all lol
Hugs Colly