Sunday, January 18, 2009

Catch Up

Is it really only a couple of weeks since New Year?

I've started my new job and so far so good - the people are nice, the work is interesting and I'm looking forward to when it feels like 'home' rather than feeling like a fish out of water.

I've had a stinking cold but I got over it really quickly. Since my five week cold/cough in Sept/Oct I've been seeing a clinical herbalist. One of the aims was to improve my immune system - and I got over the cold in four days which is a big improvement on five weeks!!!!!! I also wanted to look at my allergies and it would appear that I am no longer allergic to dogs. The lady who teaches me bobbin lace on a Thursday evening has two dogs and for the past four years I have had to take allergy tablets otherwise I would sneeze, cough and wheeze my way through the evening. sometimes the tablets didn't work and I felt really awful. For the past six weeks I haven't taken any tablets and I've been just fine. I love my clinical herbalist.

I was away last weekend at a tutorial. We tried a new venue and it was amazing. Greenwell Farm - perfect in every way. I was a little late arriving and imagine my delight at walking into the room to see four people (including the tutor) knitting. I had taken my knitting last time for breaks and the evening. This time I was able to knit during the tutorial. I felt much more grounded and was able to focus so much better. I am so thankful for a tutor who understands that it is possible to knit and listen.

My new job is 4 days a week so Tuesdays are for studying and catching up on paperwork. I was ill the first week and catching up from being away for the weekend last Tuesday. I am really looking forward to getting into the rhythm of Tuesdays. This Tuesday is for studying, maybe a walk and some laundry.

Dalesboy is playing in a concert this afternoon - I wonder if I can sit at the back and knit.


Colette said...

Samantha I'm so glad you are enjoying your new job, its always a little daunting being the newbie isnt it.#It looks like there is something to be said for herbalists what a turn around for you both with the allergy and the cold.
hugs Colly

Kim said...

Thank you for bringing knitting back into my life and the tutorial group XX