Wednesday, January 28, 2009

They call this work

I’m sorry to go on but I need to share something else about my new job.

One of the things we like to do as a family is go Geocaching. It’s a cross between orienteering, letterboxing and hiking with some added surprises. It’s great fun especially if you have a teenogre at home who doesn’t want to go out hiking any more. Put a GPS in their hand and they are off.

Anyhow it came up in conversation at work this morning that we do this. Turns out that they’ve wanted to do some Geocache events in the school holidays for a couple of years but knew nothing about it.

So at Easter and in the Summer I’m running some introduction to Geocaching events at my all time favourite walk in the Dale – and they call this work!!!!!


sieue said...

Keep telling us. Its such a pleasure to hear you excited about your work.

Funny how some jobs are like pulling on an old pair of slippers and others are like painful stilettos.

Mrs J said...

Geocaching? Geoanything and my ears prick up. Got a GPS! Might join you!

jam Sandwich said...

So pleased that the new job is turning out so well.

Colette said...

Now you have lost me, what is letterboxing?
It all sounds good fun Samantha, enjoy.
Hugs Colly

Anonymous said...

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