Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Everyone meet Fizz

There are some jobs where you get a company car.

Some jobs where you get a final salary pension (there are still some around I believe)

There are some jobs where you negotiate a higher salary or a good expense account or even get to live abroad for a few years.

Turns out my new job has an added extra as well..........................

This is Fizz.

She is a 9 year old gun dog who has been retired because she developed a taste for the birds. She's house trained and obviously well trained generally. She loves people and is a real character. She came to stay on Friday and we've already been for some great walks - she seems happy and I'm exhausted.........


Rowan said...

I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with Fizz, bet she is loving all the snow:)

Pixiedust said...

Shes gorgeous! But I'm biased I have a springer too. xxx

hen said...

Oh she is just gorgeous!!! I'd go for a Fizz instead of a company car any day!!!

Can't wait to see lots of pictures of your walks together and of Fizz sleeping in cute positions!!!


Anonymous said...

Fizz is gorgeous, bit them I'm a mummy of a springer too :)