Monday, February 09, 2009

Full Circle

About 16 years ago when Dalesman and I first met we hung out a lot at a bar in Harrogate......

The Blues Bar was a great place to hang out - we'd roll out of bed at about 11am go there for brunch and hang out for most of the day. In the summer we'd sit on the Stray late into the evening. The Blues Bar played a big part in the early days of our relationship.

Tonight is Jam Night at the Blues Bar and Dalesboy is taking his Saxophone and we're looking forward to a couple of beers (Coke for the boy) and good music.

It looks like the Blues Bar is returning to our lives............


hen said...

:o) A lovely story, I'm so soft, it made me fill up.


Colette said...

Whats the saying --- what goes around comes around, how true that is. You must be so proud of having your son playing there too
Hugs Colly