Thursday, March 05, 2009


Because of a decision by the American and British Governments over 50 years ago I have a lot of American friends.

At the moment they are scattered all over the world with a handful in the UK. These intrepid travellers come and make their home here for 2, 3, 5 years and become part of our life through work, school, knitting.

They teach me so much. I mean the food, the language, the socio-cultural references. The phrase ‘two countries separated by a common language’ sums it up perfectly.

So last evening I was sat in Kelly’s lounge on the rocker knitting a baby blanket. There was companiable chatter as people compared projects, shared tales of their life and their knitting.

There were new knitters, visiting knitters, pregnant knitters and soon to be leaving us knitters. For that brief moment as I looked around the room at my friends I felt happy and sad, it was a bittersweet moment.

Dearest Kelly I’m not sure what Knit Nite will be like without you, I’m not sure what our lives will be like with you thousands of miles away. You are a witty, intelligent, beautiful woman. You are a born storyteller and I will miss hearing tales of your life as a mother and a wife. My knitting is better for having met you (Malabrigo) and my memories richer (singing in London on the way to see the Yarn Harlot). May your stitches never twist and your Malabrigo never pil and remember you will always be a Nutty Knitter.


Mrs J said...

I second that! (& third it)

nita x said...

just to let you know ive left an award for you on my blog :o)