Monday, May 11, 2009

Living Life

So where has two months gone?

Walking the dog - I have done more walking in the past couple of months than in my whole life. We've been discovering some wonderful things as well. Look at his bluebell wood - it was 5 minutes further along a walk we did regularly. The dog was running ahead and this is what we saw....................

Studying - I am more than slightly distracted as I have an exam at the weekend. Well technically I have to answer 30 questions on the childbearing year (that's pre conception, conception, assisted conception, pregnancy, labour, birth, the postnatal period and medical abbreviations). Not only do I have to leave the Dale but I have to travel down south..............

Course Planning - I have a course starting at the end of June. So I've been pulling together all the things I've learnt over the past couple of years and making some kind of sense of it.

Knitting - there's been a Woodland Shawl, baby sweaters, socks, boobs and a uterus. I have managed to see the Nutty Knitters regularly - thank goodness.

Then there's the day job - it's still going well. I'm beginning to get into the rhythm now and get a handle on what is going on. I'm learning so much as well about conservation, biodiversity, heritage and all sorts of farmy countryside stuff.

Babies - the baby count for my friends is now up to 14 - and yes Verity is having twins!!!!!!

Sometimes I'm so busy living life there is not enough time to write about it...............

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Greentwinsmummy said...

OOOO lovely to hear you have a pal having twins! :o)
GTM x x