Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pure Obsession

I am by nature an obsessive person. When I get interested in something I can't just pass by I tend to immerse myself in it:

As a teenager it was obsessive love affairs.
In my early twenties it was my career.
In my late twenties it was being mother.
Then it was career again.
Now it's antenatal education.

Yet throughout there is a constant. For 30 years I've had my knitting to ground me, to bring me out of obsession...........................

However, for the past year or so this has been an equal obsession. My knitting has been with me at all times. I've thought about it most of the time. I've met some wonderful new friends and improved my knitting skills wonderfully.

For the past month I've been cooling off, I didn't pick my knitting up for a whole week, I stopped dreaming about it and wasn't drooling over new yarns.

Then suddenly it's back. Inspired by Kim at Pure Purl I've started to dream of yarn again. Malagrigo Lace for the Goddess Knits Annviersary Shaw - a mystery shawl that will look stunning I'm sure.

I was so smitten by the yarns that I broke my yarn diet - I've heard a rumour that Kim sends beautiful parcels - I'm so exicited it's over six months since I bought yarn for myself!!!!!


spritlyknitter said...

I loved reading your blog I to have splurged out and got myself something from kim and it wont be the last.I am glad your mojo's back.

Nonna Sue said...

Wow, six months since you've bought yarn. That's so totally amazing! I'm so glad you're back among us. Looking forward to seeing your lace work when I return in the fall.