Sunday, August 23, 2009

The babies are arriving

A few of the many babies coming Earthside this year have arrived to join my friends on their adventure of a lifetime.

There's gorgeous Gwen with the most spectacular hair I have every seen.

Amazing Amelia ~ who has chosen perhaps the most laid back, happy and chilled first time parents I have ever met.

Imogen ~ what can I say? I was blessed to be there to greet her fast and unpredictable arrival and although it's only been 9 weeks I know we are going to be great friends.

Isla ~ who I have yet to meet as she is enjoying a time of 'laying' in with her Mummy.

Notice anything? Girls, Girls Girls ~ of the babies biding their time I know there are at least another three girls

As for the number of pregnancies amongst my friends (17) ~ the universe ran out of my friends who were actively trying for babies and decided to bless a few for whom babies were really not part of the plan ~ all is well now they've got over the shock. There is however one friend who has not yet been chosen by her baby ~ so if you don't mind in your thoughts and prayers could you just ask quietly and gently if a baby would consider choosing her (no name needed because the universe is clever like that).

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