Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Parenting Adventure

For the past 8 weeks I've been spending my Saturday mornings with a group who are just starting out on their journeys as parents. What an adventure is ahead of them.

Dalesboy turns 14 today and what an adventure it's been............

Thirteen and we let him catch the train to London by himself - are we completely mad?

Twelve favourite cakes that I love to bake and he loves to eat - there's chocolate birthday cake today.

Eleven years of playing football, training every Saturday Morning and matches most Sundays.

Ten years of school.

Nine Pets - The three fish, Katie the hamster, Herbert and ToeToe the Guinea Pigs, Thumper and Mini the house rabbits and Fizz the Dog.

Eight camping holidays ~ from the bottom of Cornwall to the tip of Scotland, in rain and shine.

Seven operations and numerous investigations.

Six years of swimming lessons and yet he can only really do backstroke!!!

Five housemoves from Yorkshire, to Woking, to Birmingham before coming back home to Yorkshire (if you're counting there were two homes in Woking and three in Yorkshire).

Four years to go from not being able to play a musical instrument or read music to taking his Grade 8 on the Tenor Saxophone.

Three schools which have all been very different and mostly harmless.

Two parents who haven't a clue what they are doing but it seems to be going OK.

And a fall of 12 (or 15 foot depending who you ask) out of a tree.

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Mrs J said...

...and a huge happy birthday to him!