Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sweet Peas

When I was a little girl I spent the summer with my grandparents. My Kepa was a wonderful gardener. Half the garden was veg, a quarter flowers and a quarter lawn where he would lie in the summers sun after a hard morning tending his blooms. Do you remember how long and hot the summers were in the 70s?

In particular he grew sweetpeas - a lot of sweetpeas. Every day handfuls of sweetpeas would come into the house filling it with their gentle smell.

On the kitchen windowsill Granny had a lovely little green glass vase that Kepa would keep topped up with fresh sweetpeas for her - so she could see them whilst she did laundry the old way, cooked beautiful meals and watched the neighbours go about their business.

I don't have neighbours to watch and my laundry whizzes round and round by itself but the sweetpeas are just the same.

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Colette said...

at last you have something for me to read lol
I wish the photo could send out the lovely smell of those flowers, with the sweet peas and all the other lovely flowers your home smelt wonderful yesterday my friend, and it was so good to see you again.
Hugs Colly