Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lady Eleanor

I’ve recently finished a piece of knitting.

Since finishing it I have been stopped THREE times in the street by strangers who have told me how beautiful/warm/gorgeous it is. They almost fall over when I thank them and say I made it myself.

I have worn it every day for 10 days. It has been either around my neck, over my shoulders, on my lap and when I was away at the weekend on top of the duvet for extra warmth.

People look at the colours and seem to find different things to appeal ~ like jewels, autumnal, reminds me of spring ~ it has something for everyone.

I have never known an inanimate object create such a fuss.

As a large piece of knitting it took 18 months to complete. I wasn’t knitting entralac all that time. I chose an expensive yarn. Noro Silk Garden is a blend of mohair and silk with the colour changes in almost perfect rhythm with the entralac rectangles. Every few months I would buy another three or four balls and knit some more. Then it would return to the basket and wait its turn.

Amongst all the love shown to Lady Eleanor there has been one lone voice expressing concern. “I could never wear it………..I would be so worried in case I lost it. I’m always losing scarves and gloves………….aren’t you worried it will get dirty or damaged or lost?” I simply smiled because I know that Lady Eleanor is not just a scarf waiting for me to lose her ~ she and I we have history.

During the past 18 months she’s been to knit nights, tutorials and camping. She’s been to Wales for Christmas and moved house. She’s heard laughter and tears, arguments and making up. As I’ve knit I’ve listened to podcasts, my favourite music, saxophone practice and jamming guitars. I’ve watched TV, films and documentaries. I’ve imagined the places we’d go together to Findhorn, Glastonbury and a future far from here.

Lady Eleanor has become a dear friend and together we shall become all that we are meant to be.

Until then I’m very warm and toasty.


Colette said...

How lovely to see you blogging again my friend. I love Lady ELeanor, I saw the first few rows of her and watched her grow and now she is here in all her splendour, that must mean I need another visit, to stroke her.
Hugs Colly

Mrs J said...

She IS lovely & you are right, memories get knitted into stitches.

Kimmyblog said...

I love your blogs, Lady Eleanor and your gently given wisdom,

ewenique said...

Your Lady E is the most beautiful I've seen - I am inspired to knit my mum one.

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