Thursday, November 18, 2010

Creating a Home

It's been almost three weeks since we packed up and shifted a couple of miles. After four days all the boxes were unpacked and our stuff was settling into the new places in which it lived.

I've been pondering what makes a home - where are those places that nurture our family and ourselves?

The morning light hitting the kitchen door - beautiful. I bought the house a present when we moved in - you can see it in the left of the picture - a print from one of my favourite artists Jaine Rose. I'm delighted that in the few years since I first saw her work a wonderful gallery of prints and cards has appeared - check them out they make wonderful housewarming/anytime presents.

This is a corner in my kitchen - it may be my favourite corner in the house. I don't much care for fitted kitchens and I am delighted that this home has only a few fitted cupboards. My beautiful dresser with some of my favourite things on it - an old bakerlite toast rack (granny's), my favourite wine glasses, Angel cards, fruit bowl. The rocking chair was once sat in by my husbands Nan. I am reading a wonderful book at the moment - Sacred House - where women weave words into the earth by Carolyn Hillyer. In it there is a fragment called chair....

"There was a chair beside a stove that became a basket in which to collect old stories. As people passed through the kitchen they liked to settle back into its cushions, take up a large mug of tea (or possibly a small glass of ginger wine) and set the runners rocking while they pour out their many tales................."

Kitchen shelves - elder rob, tea, oats, cranberres, cookbook, herb book - just stuff.

It's all just stuff - but for me it's the difference between a house and a welcoming and nurturing home. The pot is warmed, the hearth fire is lit and the rocking chair is waiting to hear stories.

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Kim said...

Samantha you have worked your magic on your living space and created warmth, love and joy. Simply gorgeous. Can't wait to come and visit.