Friday, December 26, 2014

After four years........

This was my Christmas present this year.   A week before Christmas and after four years on the waiting list I got a telephone call letting me know we had reached the top of the list and an allotment was ours,if we still wanted one.

We weren't able to go and visit until Christmas Eve and when we did we were gobsmacked.   It's huge (a useful measurement) and divided up into beds marked with planks.    There are at least two strawberry beds and one bed of raspberry canes.   And various beds that have been growing exactly what you would expect in your allotment.

It is a little daunting.  Our current garden is the size of a small kitchen table and the allotment is the same size as the footprint of our house.  However, it is midwinter and that gives us few months to get it tidy and ready for planting before any serious work needs to happen in the spring. 

A couple of the beds will be coming out and a shed, compost bins and a bit of patio/decking will be going in (one of the benefits of having a carpenter in the family).   The raspberry canes will be the first thing to be given some tlc, followed by tidying up the edges and paths between the beds.  And then.....................and then I have no idea but you can be sure there are books being read, websites being surfed and a new notepad started.

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