Thursday, August 11, 2016

How's it going?

The KAL is going very well - thanks for asking.  Seven of us are knitting on our Strokkurs in a variety of colourways.

I love the gentle curve along the edge that is a direct result of the waist shaping decreases.  The yarn is a delight to knit with.  The gentle twist is making a lovely knitted fabric and it's knitting up really quickly.  I'm just about to start the waist shaping increases which will continue that gentle curve up to the bust.

When I've finished this one that I'm knitting for Lydia* I'm tempted to knit the cardi version for me - my bust wouldn't cope with the jumper but the cardi would be perfect.

I have to get better at taking photographs as I'm fed up of seeing the same background in all my photos.   I need a camera, something white and some skill!

* Lydia - son's girlfriend for whom I'm knitting this jumper because she is both lovely and tiny.  Tiny means I can stay ahead on the KAL.

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